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Chances are, you’re barely scratching the surface with the displays on your site.

Sure, you have a popup…but what about everything else?

Today’s all about the campaigns you probably don’t know about. So you can tackle list growth (and SO much more!) from all angles. Not just with a welcome popup.

Because new contacts are the fuel that keeps your email and SMS programs running.

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Don’t Just Launch A Welcome Popup

Sure, a welcome discount popup is a powerful list growth tactic. But you shouldn’t stop there. Merchants with more than 1 display live see 72% more signups per month. Here are 13 ways to make it happen.

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Expert Picks

We asked members of the Privy team to share their absolute favorite campaigns.
Here are their standouts for the day!

Hopewell & Grace
Hopewell & Grace logo
Campaign Type:
Cart Saver
Why we love it:
"The design and copy on this Cart Saver is unique to Hopewell & Grace; it’s on brand and targeted to capture high intent shoppers before they abandon a cart. I love the play on words: fill this box with your email address, and we’ll fill this other box with your dinner."
Carley Palm headshot
Carley Palm
Senior Customer Success Manager, Privy
As Above
As Above logo
Campaign Type:
Welcome Popup
Why we love it:
"I love the fact that not only does As Above offer a free item with purchase (instead of the traditional discount), they also show images of the freebie to entice the signup."
Sam King headshot
Sam King
Principal Customer Success Manager, Privy

Coming soon 👀

Today’s content is all about tackling list growth and onsite conversion with creative campaigns.
But we want to take it one step further and make it even easier to launch attention-grabbing, on-brand displays for your site. So we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek of a brand-new experience coming soon to Privy Convert.
We’re introducing an entirely new template library for displays and popups. Because we know that a little inspiration, and the right starting blocks, can go a long way.
Maybe you want to spice up your welcome offer. Or promote free shipping across your site.
Soon you’ll be able to select your desired goal, whether that’s collecting email subscribers, increasing order value or more.
And voilà – a selection of curated templates will appear.
Once you find *the one,* you’ll be dropped into our revamped display editor where you can customize your display as much (or as little) as you want.
We have dozens of templates dropping in this initial release. All with baked-in best practices that we’ve seen boost conversion rates time and time again.
From high-converting copy and call-to-actions, sleek design, and recommended targeting settings, we’ve got you covered.
Take a peek at some of the templates that’ll be available soon 👇
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