Build an email calendar that sticks

Newsletters. You know you need to be sending them…

But UGH. What should you share? Who should you send to? How often?

That’s exactly what today is for. Giving you the confidence to send regular emails that bring in cold hard cash for your store.

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Expert Advice For Driving Sales With Newsletters

How do real brands like yours make money with newsletters? Check out these proven strategies for building relationships and generating sales with one off newsletter sends.

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18 Types Of Newsletters You Need To Send

Consistency is key for building a successful email marketing calendar. But what exactly should you be sending to your audience? We put together 245+ examples and 18 types of emails for you to come back to whenever you’re feeling stuck.

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Build Your Custom Email Calendar With This Template

Armed with everything you need to build a consistent email marketing calendar, use this template to drop in your newsletters for the rest of 2024. It includes holidays, icons and text boxes so you can customize your calendar ASAP.

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Expert Picks

We asked members of the Privy team to share their absolute favorite campaigns.
Here are their standouts for the day!

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Capabunga logo
Campaign Type:
Why we love it:
“Rather than running a traditional sale, Capabunga sent branded content for their St. Patrick’s Day campaign. They included an Irish family recipe, as well as a link to a St. Patrick’s day playlist. The email generated a lot of interest, and received a 54.26% open rate (with no segmentation 🤯)!”
Sam King headshot
Sam King
Principal Customer Success Manager, Privy
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13 Moons
13 Moons logo
Campaign Type:
Why we love it:
“This campaign showcases the new products that 13 Moons has in-stock and ready to order. The copy and email layout are straight to the point, making the products the central focus of the email.”
Henry Hakim headshot
Henry Hakim
Principal Customer Success Manager, Privy

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