Bring in sales while you sleep

Imagine having campaigns that drive sales for your business automatically 24/7.

That’s the power of automations like: abandoned cart emails, a welcome series, customer winback emails, and purchase follow-ups.

Simple and effective without the complexity of managing and building flows that make your head spin.

Today, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what works for real businesses just like yours.

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Make A Killer First Impression

Ever been wowed when you meet someone for the first time? Think of your welcome series as the chance to do just that with your newest subscribers. Build a relationship from day 1 with this expert advice.


Save More Sales Without Lifting A Finger

Abandoned cart emails have some of the highest engagement metrics we see. With ~50% open rates and a 30%+ click rate, you have the power to save 10-20% of abandoned carts. Here’s the secret for making it happen.


Keep The Momentum Going Post-Purchase

You’re 9x more likely to convince an existing customer to buy again than convert a first-timer. So nurturing your customer relationships with purchase follow-ups is key. Find out what this brand does to make it happen.


Bring Customers Back Again And Again

Customer winback emails have the power to convince existing customers to come back for more. The best part? They couldn’t be easier to set up. Steal this expert playbook to start winning more of your customers over again ASAP.

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The Email Automation Playbook You Need

With as much as you have on your plate, the more you can automate, the better. And we have proven formulas you can use to deliver serious results without feeling overwhelmed. Even if you’re not an expert.

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Expert Picks

We asked members of the Privy team to share their absolute favorite campaigns.
Here are their standouts for the day!

bag-all logo
Campaign Type:
Abandoned Cart Series
Why we love it:
“Bag-all’s abandoned cart emails are attractive from the second you open them. They keep their incentive and their most important CTA right at the top of the email, while also including other value adds below the cart summary. Whether you’re ready to check out NOW or you want to learn more before buying, these emails will take you right where you need to be.”
Carley Palm headshot
Carley Palm
Senior Customer Success Manager, Privy
3 abandoned cart emails from brand Bag All
St. Argo brand logo
Campaign Type:
Welcome Series
Why we love it:
“ST ARGO utilizes a 4-email welcome series to gain the trust of their new signups and customers. The first email is a true welcome email ushering customers in, followed by a three email cadence over 19 days to solidify that trust and get customers excited to be a part of the brand!”
Henry Hakim headshot
Henry Hakim
Principal Customer Success Manager, Privy
4 welcome emails from brand St. Argo